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Calendar of Events

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Decision-Making Bodies

AQIP Pathway

Peer Review

Professional Development

Assessment Academy

Persistence and Completion Academy

Meetings of Decision-Making Bodies

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May 45: Institutional Actions Council First Committee Meeting

June 1516: Institutional Actions Council First Committee Meeting

June 2526: Board of Trustees Meeting

July 2728: Institutional Actions Council First Committee Meeting

August 31 – September 1: Institutional Actions Council Hearing

September 1415: Institutional Actions Council First Committee Meeting

November 56: Board of Trustees Meeting


February 2426: Board of Trustees Meeting

June 2224: Board of Trustees Meeting

AQIP Pathway Events

Learn more about AQIP Pathway Strategy Forums


October 79: Strategy Forum


February 1719: Strategy Forum

April 46: Strategy Forum

Peer Review Training


June 22 – July 27: Online Peer Review Training – Open and Standard Pathways

October 2123: Peer Review Intensive Training

Professional Development Events


July 1317: Professional Development Week (Saint Charles, Illinois)

July 1315: Assessment Workshop

July 1517: Persistence and Completion Workshop


February 912: Professional Development Week (Scottsdale, Arizona)

February 910: Assessment Workshop

February 1112: Persistence and Completion Workshop

April 1519: HLC 2016 Annual Conference: Beyond the Horizon (Chicago, Illinois)

July 1115: Professional Development Week (Oak Brook, Illinois)

July 1113: Assessment Workshop

July 1315: Persistence and Completion Workshop

Assessment Academy Events

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June 35: Roundtable, Midpoint Roundtable and Results Forum 

September 2: Information and Planning Workshop 

October 13: Mentor Training 

October 1416: Results Forum 


March 29: Information and Planning Workshop 

March 30 – April 1: Midpoint Roundtable 

June 810: Roundtable and Results Forum 

Persistence and Completion Academy Events

Learn more about HLC’s Academies


June 23: Information and Planning Workshop 

June 2426: Roundtable 

October 2830: Roundtable 


March 1011: Information and Planning Workshop 

May 1618: Midpoint Roundtable (Cohorts 1 and 2)

May 1820: Midpoint Roundtable (Cohort 3)

June 2122: Information and Planning Workshop

June 2224: Roundtable


2016 Annual Conference: Beyond the Horizon

The 2016 HLC Annual Conference is taking place April 15-19 in Chicago. The Conference will examine the relationship between higher learning and accreditation, and how innovation in higher learning affects that relationship Beyond the Horizon. Visit the Conference website to learn more.

Professional Development Week

HLC holds its Professional Development Week twice annually. It includes team-based workshops focused on two of the most pressing issues in higher education: assessment of student learning and persistence and completion. All institutions affiliated with HLC are invited to attend.


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